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Elsie #3 Gatefold PR LR

Hi, my name is Les Jones. I’m a designer, photographer and writer. When I’m not embroiled in magazines, I work as a freelance creative director.

I first got into magazines when I launched ‘Elsie’ Magazine in 2011. Like Where&When, Elsie is a one man magazine. It’s an eclectic mix of design, photography, typography and stuff I pick up off the streets (drives my wife bonkers!). You can check Elsie out at www.elsiemagazine.com

I live in an old Victorian School in a small village at the most northern point of Shropshire, called Woore. Now that the kids are all grown up and off doing their thing, we’ve converted part of the school into a design-led gift shop, gallery and workshop space. Feel free to call in if you’re passing. I’ll be running some photography and design courses in the near future so stay tuned.

I’m a friendly guy with a passion for creativity, music and sport. I’m also a passionate welshman!

Diolch yn Fawr (Thank you very much).

Elsie #3 Gatefold PR LR
The Whole of Elsie #3 LR
Here's the whole of Elsie Magazine #3


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