A magazine driven by invitations from YOU!

Invitation Ideas

Where&When Magazine thrives on invitations, it’s very existence is dependent on invitations…
but invitations to what, I hear you scream!

Well, it could be anything…the more creative the better. But if you’re scratching your head for ideas, here’s a few suggestions. You could invite me to…

• a gallery open
• a product or press launch
• a look behind the scenes of your business or organisation
• a meeting of your club or society
• record you showing off your skills or craftsmanship
• see your collection of…
• a performance of some kind
• your restaurant, bar, cafe, nightclub, attraction
• your exhibition or show or conference or gig
• your charity or good cause or community project
• your home to meet you, your mum, your uncle who fought in the war
• your offices
• your stag or hen do
• your special place
• the lunch you’re having with friends
• your renovation project
• ride in your boat, bus, fancy car,
• your picnic in the park
• hear your story
• your radio station or tv studios
• to meet you busking
• your magazine

The list really is endless and I’ll consider every invitation and get back to you whether I can or can’t make it.

Just tell me Where and When and I’ll do my best to be there. Or send me an open invitation to meet you at anytime during the week.

In the end, I’m in your hands – you can be as creative or mundane as you like – it’s all an experience for me and content for the magazine.


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