A magazine driven by invitations from YOU!

How does it work?

How does it work?

About Where&When Magazine

Where&When Magazine is a one-man magazine. It is published by designer and photographer, Les Jones (that’s me!)

The content for the magazine is completely driven by invitations from the general public.

Three times a year I’ll be taking up residence in a specific city for one week – during that week I’ll be creating content for the magazine by asking people from the city to invite me to their thing – it could be something grand and exciting like the opening of a new show, or something more everyday, like a invitation to meet you at your desk at work.

There are no rules, no barriers – you can invite to whatever takes your fancy, so long as it’s legal, decent and safe.

At the end of the week, I wave goodbye to said city and take myself back home to my studio, where I beaver away for a week or two organising the content into an engaging, entertaining and highly visual magazine.

The first issue is based in London. I met some wonderful people while I was in the city and the first issue is jam-packed with their stories.

I’m excited…I hope you are too.